About Us

Buy Together. Save Together.

We’re all too familiar with the concept of “Buy more, Save more” but no one said that it had to be a SINGLE person doing all the buying, Right?

They also never said that there should be a limit on what people could or couldn’t buy more of and save more on.

WannaSplit democratizes savings by helping people find, team up and transact on bulk-buy deals, making the savings equally accessible to all who join in on the purchase.

From Gerber to Gucci, we’re building a truly social Community Group Buying marketplace where, with a bit of teamwork, people can Buy what they want, for a bit closer to what they want to Pay for it. 

Our mission is to remove as many of the barriers to Collective Buying for both Shoppers and Sellers as we possibly can for communities all over the world. 

Personally, I think we can, once we continue to focus a lot more on the value true collaboration creates and how to simplify that exchange among the parties involved. 

So, maybe just join us on this journey… 

In fact, yes why not… WannaSplit?

WannaSplit is bridging access to Savings.

Historically, bulk-buy discounts could only be found at member-only, big-box warehouse clubs or as one-off promotions at smaller chains. 

While many people bask in the savings their bulk buys give, these same discounts have remained largely inaccessible to many more sectors of the buying public, particularly those for whom the savings would matter most: 

We’re talking Inner-city residents who can’t get to the distant locations of big-box retailers

Apartment-dwellers with little space to store bulk purchases

Singles and couples who can’t possibly consume bulk buys before the expiration dates

Students, retirees, single-parents and other not as well off, lower-income populations who can’t afford the multiple-product purchase, even if the lower per-unit cost would save them a fortune in the long run.


Sellers miss out on Bulk Buys as much as Shoppers miss out on Savings.

Sellers miss out on Bulk Buys as much as Shoppers miss out on Savings

It isn’t just Shoppers who’ve been left out of the Bulk Buying craze. Lack of access affects Sellers too. Every Seller, Vendor or Merchant whose products (and services) aren’t in a member-only, big-box warehouse club are missing out on the opportunity of gaining real sales volume traction by offering lower prices for buy in bulk deals. 

They can try it themselves on their website or in-store, but often lack the collective sense of shoppers’ bulk buy intention that comes from buying at a warehouse club. 

Think of the economic impact to a small Hair Salon in Brooklyn where, instead of a Patron paying $100 for a “Wash and Cut”, she shared a Bulk Buy Deal of “Wash and Cuts” with 4 friends for a 20% discount each.

The Hair Salon (Vendor) makes 400% more revenue that day and the Patron and their Tribe just saved $20 each.

Community Group Buying has the potential to reshape entire communities and economies.


WannaSplit is recreating the Warehouse Club for Social + E-commerce Era.

While the concept of Community Group Buying is a simple and straight-forward idea, engaging with it in real life quickly becomes a complicated nightmare.

Let’s say you just found a great bulk-buy on a 12 bottle case of wine…now it’s time to split it with friends. Here’s what that looks like…

  1. Finding and Organizing your Buying Group
  2. Enough people agreeing on the specific wine 
  3. Calculating each person’s share, easy enough right?
  4. Chasing down everyone’s payments, not so easy…
  5. Replacing last-minute dropouts, who didn’t fully commit
  6. Distributing the purchase to everyone involved…

It’s really such a time and energy intensive process that it quickly diminishes the overall saving’s value.

Even Vendors have a few additional hiccups themselves like determining price-elasticity, deciding what quantity discounts to offer and making these offers without a real platform for their management and success.

WannaSplit is Breaking Barriers to entry for the Community Group Buyers and Sellers alike by simplifying the value exchange process.


WannaSplit simplifies value exchange end-to-end.

WannaSplit simplifies value exchange end-to-end.

With baked-in tools for Group Shoppers like remote online shopping, social media and email transfer of shopping links, automatic split payment calculation and credit card/paypal fee collection, joint or individual shipping costs, single or multi-destination delivery and more, you’ll never have to truly meet up (or even meet) who you bought with.. unless you want to!

We also help our Vendors set and manage their bulk buy discounts, manage inventory, track sales, organize shipping and offer multiple options to get paid, helping them close Group Buys faster and more effortlessly.

WannaSplit puts a stop to value leakage.


Buy Together. Save Together. Creating Real Communities.

By taking care of all the heavy lifting, Vendors and Shoppers can focus more on taking their #WannaSplits viral!

Whether it’s buying everyday life essentials or the finer things that make you happy, you’ll find like minded people to engage and split in your inner-circles of Email, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Groups, SnapChat or in our WannaSplit Community forums. 

We make it that easy!


Let’s get you all set up to find and create some great WannaSplits!