Instantly increase your sales up to 500% with WannaSplit!

With WannaSplit, any seller can get in on the group-buying craze. We help you sell up to 5-times more product by making it easy for customers to invite their friends, family and followers to get in on great bulk-buy deals.

Here’s How WannaSplit Works


Set up your WannaSplit store

With WannaSplit you get a complete online store for credit card and PayPal payments and we even help manage your inventory. Setup takes just minutes: Enter your basic store contact info and payment account details. Add a banner, profile picture, even your company’s social media profiles and SEO terms. Quick, easy and completely customized!

Add products, choose your discounts and delivery areas

You’re in complete control! You decide which products to sell and what discount you want to offer for each bulk-buy quantity. You choose what delivery areas you want to serve, and even what shipping options to offer. You can even add promotional videos to your products!


Track your sales and earnings

Check your Dashboard at any time to see your monthly sales, earnings, orders and Shopper reviews. You even get insightful, detailed reports to help you optimize your product mix.

We take care of
the hard part

WannaSplit handles all the hassles of community group buying for you. We’ll bring in the buying groups, handle the split payments, and even make sure the split deliveries are organized. You sell more, without working more.

Up to 5x the sales, and unlimited exposure

WannaSplit truly puts the “social” in social e-commerce. We make it easy and rewarding for customers to share your products with their friends, family and social media circles. When WannaSplit users share your deals, you don’t just get more sales, you more exposure too. It’s “word-of-mouth” marketing for the digital age.