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How WannaSplit Works


Find great products and services offered at huge, buy-in-bulk discounts. Buy enough just for you or buy a bigger discount bulk deal.


Share the deal with your family, friends and followers to see if they #wannasplit the extra items and buy with you. Our tools make it easy!


Dividing up the bulk deal is easy with #WannaSplit! We take care of the split payments, split the shipping costs, split the delivery and make sure everyone gets their share!


The bigger the bulk deal your group buys and splits together, the more everyone saves! And no rush, everyone has 72 hours to get in on the deal.

Expand your collective buying community!

With #WannaSplit, you don’t have to rely solely on your existing network of friends, family and social groups to reap the rewards of collective purchasing power.

Join our community, post your #wannasplits to the forum, and find like-minded buyers the world-over. We’re putting the “sharing” back into the #sharingeconomy.

What are People
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“We needed to get selling online FAST! WannaSplit let us sign up with NO setup fees, and even helped us target very specific people with very specific products with Facebook ads. Now we’re scaling FAST too! Honestly, I think their “Instant Referral” feature is the best way for small startups like us to sell more products to more people even faster than you’d think is possible.”
Nicole QV Health
QV Health
“Every time I use acrylics to help my nails grow out, they break in the 2nd week. I’d found Nature’s Bounty Gummies on Amazon which seemed perfect for me and had over 20,000 great reviews, but I couldn’t find a local supplier anywhere. Then I found QV Health on WannaSplit! I shared the find with my friends, we split the bulk-buy order together, and we saved 30% on the retail price and delivery. That’s insane!”
Nature’s Bounty
I only just found out alcohol is cheaper by the dozen and realized how much I’ve been overpaying in a the local supermarket. Now I use WannaSplit almost every 2 weeks to buy to buy 9 bottles, split the cost with my friends and have it all delivered to me. We all save at least 10% on the order cost and delivery too. It’s incredible.
Jean Pierre