Some FAQs about shopping on WannaSplit!

Simply click my account to Register or Login to your account. We suggest the login with Google feature so you don’t miss any important product information with an incorrect email address.

Registration is also automatic when you’re checking out, you’ll receive an email that guides you through the final steps of registration. Once you’re logged in, you can track your orders.

This means that you alone buy this amount and it’s shipped only to you. There is no Splitting here but you still get the discount like if you had split.

This means you want to split the total amount of products you’re buying with other people. Let’s say you want the price that buying 5 will give you but you don’t want all 5 for yourself. You can choose how many you want and pay for your share, and send the rest to others to check out and pay for themselves separately. So you still get the discount for 5, when you only grabbed 2 for yourself.

You can split with up to 5 people at this time.

Splits expire in 72 hours so be sure to keep sharing if you wanna save big and get that #SplitPrice on your purchased item!

Our team works really hard in the back end to match up people who are looking for the same thing, we should be able to find you in most cases someone to help you close out your split room.

If we can’t however, you will still receive your purchase but with the split discount associated with the total number of products purchased.

Yes simply use the “Buy #” button at checkout.

Delivery generally takes up to 3-5 business days to arrive at your address after a full Split Order or BuyAll Order is processed. However some vendor’s products have unique shipping options like express delivery.

We accept Visa, MasterCard Amex and Discover credit and debit cards as payment methods as well as Paypal.

Currently shipping/delivery is only available in Barbados.

Some FAQs about selling on WannaSplit!

To create a seller account you will need to sign up with us and provide the requested info). Once you have created the account, simply wait until it is approved by one of our WannaSplit reps, and then you are free to start selling.

No, You’ll have to sell within out typical marketplace guidelines, so no pornography, illicit materials, drugs etc.

WannaSplit gives sellers the opportunity to turn a typical sale into a 5x bigger cart checkout!. Click here to learn more!

Just like popular marketplaces like Etsy we charge a 5% commission on a sale.

Yes, our search bar allows for shoppers to search for specific products/services. They can also follow your page and get updates on your listings. Soon, they’ll be able to buy from your website if you have one ans still split with friends, family and followers on WannaSplit!

You can easily set up your payment account and billing address information when you sign up to become a seller, or from your vendor dashboard. We distribute funds via ACH and Paypal.

WannaSplit allows independent sellers to have control over their products. You can manage your products through your vendor dashboard where you can add multiple products or remove products which are no longer in stock.

Our aim is to give sellers the opportunity to 5X their sales while providing shoppers with value for their money and the ability to split their costs with others to save big. So that’s a yes. It is necessary to offer discounts on every product/service quantity on WannaSplit so that everyone can win!